Monday10.10-11.00amPilates on the ReformerAll*Nicole
 11.15-12.05pmPilates FoundationBegNicole
 5.30-6.20pmIntro to Reformer (4 wk course) (Beg 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3) BegNicole
 6.30-7.20pmCircusfit Aerial YogaAllNicole
 7.40-8.30pmPilates on the Reformer/Spring WallAll *Nicole
Tuesday11.10-12.00pmPilates on the ReformerAll*Nicole
 1.30-2.20pmPilates on the ReformerAll *Nicole
 7.30-8.30pmTrigger Point Pilates (ZOOM)AllNicole
Wednesday10.00-10.50amAnte-natal Mixed ApparatusAllNicole
 2.40-3.30pmCircusfit Aerial Relaxation CocoonAllNicole
 5.30-6.20pmPilates on the ReformerAll *Nicole
 7.30-8.20pmPilates on the ReformerAll *Nicole
Thursday9.30-10.20amIntro to Reformer (3 wk course) (Beg 3/3, 10/3, 24/3) BegNicole
 11.30-12.20pmReformer, Cadillac, Chair,  BarrelAll*Nicole
Friday10.00-10.50amPilates on the ReformerAll *Nicole
 1.00-1.50pmCircusfit Aerial Ante-natal YogaAllNicole
Saturday10.00-10.50amPilates on the ReformerAll*Nicole
 11.00-11.50amIntro to Reformer (3 wk course) (Beg 5/3, 19/3, 26/3) BegNicole
 12.00-1.30pmSpecialist Workshops (Monthly, See Info) AllNicole