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“One of the best instructors in Essex/London.”


Set in a rural location with ample parking on site, Nicole offers a fully equipped studio with 3 separate large rooms offering all aspects of Pilates. She holds many qualifications and is one of the best instructors in Essex/London

Kevin Stanton

“I highly recommend Nicole’s Exclusive Pilates classes to anyone.”


I have been attending Stott Pilates with Nicole on a one to one basis for a number of years. I suffer from a long term health condition, lower back area and more recent have acquired injuries to my right side I.e. shoulder elbow and wrist. She is a friendly and very highly experienced professional in her field. At each session, Nicole will ask how my week has been and if I have experienced any difficulties; then she will adapt and tailor the session to my immediate needs, putting my health and safety first.
Nicole is always encouraging and very thorough when directing me through each exercise; enabling me to maintain awareness of my own body through focusing on my breathing technique as well as improving and maintaining good posture. I cannot thank her enough for all the help support and input she has given and continues to give me on a regular basis.

I highly recommend Nicole’s Exclusive Pilates classes to anyone who has am interest in maintaining overall good health and well-being.

Jacqui Hardy

“I am standing straighter and stronger than ever before.”

Attending classes for about 3 months and already am standing straighter and stronger than ever before. Highly recommend Reformer Pilates, you will see and feel the difference.

Fiona Green 

“The difference to my body is incredible.”

I was put into contact with Nicole a year and a half ago after I had Cauda Equina, a back condition which landed me in hospital with loss of feeling to my legs. Following emergency surgery to save the use of my legs, I realised that simply following a physiotherapy program was not going to make me recover as fully as I wanted/needed to. Nicole didn’t hesitate in taking my case on and her confidence was a massive reassurance! The best decision of my life was taking up Pilates with Nicole. I just wish I had done it sooner as maybe I wouldn’t have ended up having surgery in the first place?! The difference to my body is incredible. I feel stronger and more flexible and most importantly I’m out of pain. Nicole has certainly put a lot of time and effort into her training and the results do show. Pilates will remain a part of my life for good now.

Jennifer Sirrell

“Nicole has great experience, really knows her stuff.”

My wife has been doing Pilates with Nicole for about 3 years, and she introduced me a couple of years ago when I started having problems with my back, and it’s made a huge positive difference! Nicole has great experience, really knows her stuff inside out, has a very well equipped studio, and I’d recommend to anyone new to Pilates or with prior experience.

Gareth Crouch 

“The reformers are a fantastic piece off equipment.”

I've been going to Nicole at Exclusive Pilates for a year now. The reformers are a fantastic piece off equipment. You really feel the benefit coming to Nicole's class

Julie Clark 

“Extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

My mum and I have been having semi private sessions with Nicole for 2 years. The sessions have really helped my shoulder pain and my mum’s upper and lower back pain. Nicole always asks if we have any injuries before we begin and is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her field of work. I would definitely recommend Nicole as she is a first class Pilates teacher.

Debbie Jones

“I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.”

My husband and I started about 2 years ago with Nicole and have never looked back. Thoroughly enjoyable. The sessions are safe, tailored to your needs, interesting and increasingly challenging if that’s what you want. Nicole’s breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise is second to none and the huge range of highest quality (Stott) equipment ensures her clients get the best. She is qualified in dozens of condition-specific Pilates instruction and regularly attends updates. With a positive, upbeat personality, I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.
I have done 1:1, couples and class reformer sessions and all are excellent.
This is the highest quality Pilates class.



Val Sample

“Nicole is highly experienced”

“I have been practicing Stott Pilates on a one one to basis, for over nine years. I was first introduced to Nicole 18 months ago when my original Pilates instructor emigrated to the other side of the world.

I was concerned about working with someone new, having worked with the same person for so long. I needn't have worried. Nicole is highly experienced, very thorough and always focuses on technique and health and safety.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine earlier this year and Nicole has the experience of working with this issue. As a result of this, Nicole advised me that there are certain exercise that I am no longer allowed to do, which initially, was a disappointment to me. However, with her knowledge, she has still been able to challenge me so that I am never bored.

The studio is fully equipped and very bright and airy and based in rural Brentwood, away from the noise and the 'business' of the High Street.. If you are thinking of starting Pilates or want to work with a professional who has 25 years industry experience, I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.”

Marion – 21st August 2017

“Since finding Exclusive Pilates my physical and mental health have improved”

“I have complex physical conditions and in the past I have found instructors struggle to understand these and make sure I continue to challenge and improve my fitness. Since finding Exclusive Pilates my physical and mental health have improved and continue to do so. I find Nicole to be consistently encouraging and willing to adapt exercises for my capabilities. If one exercise doesn't work for me, Nicole always works out an alternative. We also laugh a lot so going to see her is an all round tonic as well as ensuring I stay physically mobile.”

Jan – 2nd May 2017

“I'm feeling huge benefits from the work I do with Nicole”

“Can't tell you how much benefit I have got from seeing Nicole. My chiropractor recommended I take up Pilates but was clear that due to my issues I should really seek 1 to 1 support before even thinking about classes at the gym. I'm feeling huge benefits from the work I do with Nicole. Stronger yes but crucially much more aware of my body position and posture. Highly recommend Nicole as she will take time to understand your specific needs before implementing anything.”

Christopher – 26th May 2017

“Very professional and I love all the different equipment available”

“Highly recommend Nicole's Pilates classes- we have all noticed such a difference since first starting her classes. I really look forward to them each week and she always adapts the class for each individual to meet everyone's needs. Very professional and I love all the different equipment available to use- makes the hour fly by!”

Dee – 25th April 2017

“Couldn't recommend Exclusive Pilates more”

“I've been going to Nicole for over a year, and couldn't recommend Exclusive Pilates more. I went to her after having my second baby and she has massively helped me get my strength and core back. I look forward to going every week and really enjoy it.”

Claire – 3rd May 2017

“I haven't suffered with any back aches or pains since starting, which is amazing!”

“I have been going to Nicole from the start of this year and she has got my sister and I hooked to Pilates and reformers! I suffered with a slipped disk last year and have always suffered with back problems. Nicole always ensures you follow the core principles and do each exercise correctly so you don't hurt yourself. I haven't suffered with any back aches or pains since starting which is amazing! Can't recommend her enough. You won't find a better teacher than Nicole!”

Hannah – 21st April 2016

“Highly recommend Exclusive Pilates”

“Love doing Pilates with Nicole, she's a great instructor, really knows her stuff and makes sure everything is done correctly. Always aware of what's going on. Was happy to coordinate with my physio when I had an injury. Highly recommend Exclusive Pilates.”

Jane – 9th May 2017

“Session are fun”

“Nicole is an amazing instructor. Making sure she has full details of medical history tailors exercises accordingly constantly checking you are in the correct position. Session are fun but you always leave feeling you have had a good work out.”

Jane – 9th May 2017

“After each session I feel stronger”

“Nicole is absolutely the best Pilates teacher. For the first time in years I have no lower back pain and after each session I feel stronger.”

Diana – 14th July 2016

“Pilates now means that I am able to be virtually pain free after nearly 2 years of chronic pain”

“I never imagined Pilates would have helped as much as it has done! After constantly complaining about my back problems, luckily a friend recommended me to Nicole. A truly experienced professional, Nicole's dedicated coaching in Pilates now means that I am able to be virtually pain free after nearly 2 years of chronic pain. I still see Nicole on a regular basis, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone!”

Mark – 21st April 2016


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